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Forest products play a crucial role in our economy and are a sustainable source of various materials, including cellulose, dimensional lumber, OSB, paper, biofuel, wood pellets, wood flour, and chemicals. The forest products industry employs about 950,000 people in the US, with a payroll of approximately $50 billion annually. It is also among the top 10 manufacturing sector employers in 45 states, contributing 4 percent of the total US manufacturing GDP and producing nearly $300 billion in products annually, according to the US Census 2020.

Material Control Solutions (MCS) has been catering to the forest products industry since 2001. MCS was selected to provide a complete biomass fuel prep system that included conveyors, a disc screen, a wood hog, and a pneumatic system to transport to the boiler day bin. The team at MCS inspects the system every year, and it is still running smoothly. MCS has expanded its offerings with Rawlings Hi-Inertia wood hogs, biofuel conveyors, disc screens, and biomass systems.

With Teknosavo, MCS is bringing all its technologies together to measure, monitor, and control all aspects of the wood room to deliver homogenous chips, fuel, and residuals predictably and measurably. By leveraging Teknosavo's AI-driven Woodsmart measurement, volumetric log and chip scanning, and stone detection, MCS aims to maximize the value of forest resources and create a more sustainable future.

Let's use our resources to their maximum potential and value and ensure that veneer logs, pulp bolts, and logs best valued for dimensional lumber are used to their potential instead of being indiscriminately thrown to a chipper. By adopting a scientific approach, we can achieve more efficient energy utilization, minimize white wood loss bark contamination, and maximize people's power value.

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