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Material Control Solutions has been providing its clients in the powder, bulk and food industries with solutions since 1999.  We service what we sell, this allow us to support our customers through the entire life cycle of the equipment.  Whether agricultural, bulk commodities, seed production, milling, baking, coffee, tea, brewing, malting, distilling, co-packing and brewing, we have HAACP critical control solutions for all of these applications.  Pet foods and animal feed are all to be treated as fit for human consumption and we have been busy upgrading large and small feed mills.  We have magnets that warn you they are full of metal and need to be cleaned, turning them into metal detectors.   Speaking of metal detectors we have the lowest profile gravity flow and belt detectors in the industry.  The highest sensitivity with the smallest metal free zone.

Our bagging solutions vary from 25 – 100 lbs. bags with basic answers for open mouth bagging and hand sewing to fully automated robotic bag placing valve bags on to air packers, bag sealers, check weighers, bag flatteners with fully robotic pallet building.  Bulk bag, loading and unloading, IBCs with vales that seal with no spilled product, no contamination.  

Railcars that have 30% going back to your supplier?  Get your profit out of the corners and off the walls. Impacting bin hopper and railcar vibrators can be the difference between products unloading in hours or days.  We take a scientific method to flow aids.  Tell us a little about your challenge, product, bulk density, angle of your silo cone, wall thickness.  We give you the order and placement of the vibrators to shake your sticky, hydroscopic product out and get it flowing.  

We are partnered with the right companies to optimize your line.

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